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Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Do you cringe at the thought of small spaces? Closets by Melissa has dealt with our fair share of small spaces and can provide the necessary storage solutions for any size room or home. Here are a few tips to achieve storage solutions that are right for your home.

1. Size matters. We mean height. Take advantage of the wall space and use every single inch to its maximum potential. Shelving units can be a feasible storage solution and can also be aesthetically appealing for your decorating needs.

2. Don’t be afraid to stack. Stackable storage cubes are a great way to store clothes, blankets, and off season items in any room.

3. Under the bed/ couch storage containers. Let’s face it, a bed or a couch can take up valuable real estate in your home. Why not utilize the space under your furniture to store your belongings? Out of sight.

4. Take advantage of the seasons and keep only in seasonal clothes in your closet. No need to keep bulky coats in your prime closet space in the summer months.

5. In- home washer and dryer taking up valuable space? Build a DIY platform stand to place appliances on top of, leaving room underneath for your laundry baskets.

6. If your closet allows, install double racks. The top rack can be used to hang your shirts and the bottom to hang pants and skirts.

7. Built- ins: Maximize your wall space by creating built in shelving units.

8. Decorative hampers: Its OK to display a whicker hamper as part of your bedroom or bathroom décor. Stow away the dirty laundry in a sleek, decorative storage solution.

9. Knick- knack central? Who doesn’t have miscellaneous knick-knacks lying around. Make use of baskets so the clutter doesn’t dominate your space.

10. Mail, mail, go away: Tired of junk mail and bills lying around? Keep a file folder in a kitchen drawer to track and stow away your “paper trail.”

For more design hacks, visit our website:, Boston’s solution for closet organizing and personal shopping.

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