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Custom Closet Design & Installation

Ready for your new closet? We have cost-effective custom built closet solutions to keep all of your clothes and accessories in place serving all of Boston and surrounding areas.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a place for all of your clothing, shoes and accessories. Whether it’s limited closet space, too many items that have not been worn, or out-of-date clothes you just can’t let go. Sometimes just as important to finding a home for all of your items is understanding how closets work. There are efficiencies in laying out clothing so that you can see everything in place without having to take each piece off its hanger.

Beautiful custom closetsOur experience with closet layout and configuration helps us identify, and design, the perfect closet for you. Whether it be a large walk-in closet, or multiple single-pole closets, we are sure we can make your life easier when it comes to getting ready.

Closet design is somewhat of a science and the steps we take are crucial to creating the perfect closet.


During our initial consultation we will review all of your clothing, shoes, accessories, and any other items you may need to neatly store. We will identify what you have and design your closet to maximize your space. We will also determine what areas you may be interested in giving up for more storage. For example, a nook in your bedroom that has not been used for years could be a perfect spot for shoe storage.

Closet Design

This is a step that we would outsource to a closet design professional. We would work closely with them to make sure the new design works with our goal for the project.

Closet Installation

Once our design is complete we will work closely with a closet installation company to construct your new closet space. This will include proper protection of all items in your space and all related steps to create a clean and safe working area. The closet will be constructed and cleaned before we come back to fill it up!

Closet Completion

Once the closet is installed we will sort through all of your clothing, shoes and accessories separating them into three piles: keep, take to tailors or donate. Everything will be arranged by type and color. We will then neatly place all of your items back into your closet and review your new layout and how you might best utilize the new space. 

Closet Maintenance

Like anything, closets do not stay clean on their own. Therefore, we offer a routine maintenance program to manage your laundry and clothes so that your closet stays clean all year long. Learn more about our maintenance program here →

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