Refinishing Grandma’s Old Furniture

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Closets By Melissa’s DIY SeriesRefinishing Grandma’s Furniture to Maximize Storage Space and Add Character to your Home 

Ever wonder what that classic furniture would look like with a fresh coat of paint? Look beyond the outdated color and musty odor and focus on the detail and curves of the wood. Older wooden antiques are a unique find that you should not pass up. In addition, they are an inexpensive way to add a little character and a lot of extra storage to your home.

Step 1. Take a picture. You won’t want to forget what Grandma’s furniture looked like before you started. Add it to the memory book!

Step 2. Purchase the supplies. You will need to find the paint color that is right for your décor, subtle or vibrant. You will also need an electronic sander. If you are feeling ambitious, you can manually sand the furniture but I wouldn’t recommend it. A face mask is also a must. You will also need the necessary brushes, tape, and painting supplies.

Step 3. Carry the furniture outside and prep for sanding.

Step 4. Sand, sand, go away… Make sure you are wearing a mask and glasses, as you do not want to inhale the old wood. Depending on the size of the furniture, give yourself an average of one to two hours to sand each side. Tell me about it…but it will be worth it in the long run!

Step 5. Once the piece is completely sanded down, you want to make sure you remove all excess residue and wood dust. Use a damp cloth and scrub the entire item, wringing out the cloth each time.

Step 6. Sniff test. Does your furniture still smell musty and old? If so, use a bleach/ water combination and try rinsing again. After the bleach/ water mixture is applied to the wood, make sure you thoroughly wipe down with a clean, wet cloth. If not wiped properly, the bleach can dry out the wood.

Step 7. Let dry.

Step 8. Prep for painting. Start by removing all hardware and cabinet doors. Also, tape the wood/ glass, if necessary.

Step 9. Paint the night away. Be prepared to paint multiple coats, as older wood is usually very dry. My first project took nearly 5 coats of paint.

Step 10. Touch up, as needed.

Step 11. Voilà! You did it. After a little sweat and tears, that beauty is good as new! Check out our video showing the before and after pictures!

Benefits of refinishing furniture:

Tired of cramming all of your China and serve ware in your kitchen cabinets? Refinishing a hutch, buffet, or China cabinet will solve your storage saga. You can now neatly stack or hang your fine dining dishes with ease. You can now enjoy the furniture for years to come.

Stay tuned for more #DIY projects from Closets By Melissa.

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